We celebrate our diversity! We are all different, speak different languages and come from all over the world. Everyone has something to offer and we welcome the opportunity to listen and learn from your stories.  We enjoy hearing about celebrations, customs and different cuisines.

It is a vital life skill to be able to not only understand each other’s differences but also to  realise that we have so many things in common. The Language of the Month initiative highlights our various languages and cultures and allows children to shine and to be proud of their heritage.  The children learn words in Japanese, Spanish, Arabic and many other languages which they speak at home. They have learned about the Japanese tea ceremony, celebrated Eid together and listened to many stories behind the celebrations. We have international celebrations together during which the children wear their national costumes and bring in their traditional food.  We are proud of where we come from and who we are!

You as a parent are welcome to participate as a Class Parent or a helper. In addition, there are a number of activities organised by the school Diversity Committee through which we try to learn more about the rich diversity of languages and cultures within our school. We understand that everyone has a story to tell!

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