The Groningse Schoolvereniging Association

The Groningse Schoolvereniging is comprised of the pupils’ parents. When a child is enrolled, its parents are asked to become members of the Association. The Association members’ meeting chooses the Board members for the Foundation and Association. It is through this General Members Meeting (Algemene ledenvergadering: ALV) that members have the opportunity to influence school policy and developments. The ALV also determines the “school fee”. This “school fee” is requested in order to finance the extra costs of the school’s policy for high quality educational provision that are not covered by the Government contribution.  The Board presents an Annual Report each year, which is discussed at the ALV. The Board of the GSV Association consists of three members and the board meetings of the Association and Foundation are combined.  Parents at the GSV are expected to take an active part in school activities, such as accompanying excursions, supporting sport and creative activities, guiding work in the school garden, as class parents and through showing involvement by attending informative and members’ meetings.

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