School Fee

Membership of the Association of the GSV is coupled with a school fee based on financial capacity. The Association uses the joint total income of both parents to determine financial capacity. If you do not receive an income tax assessment, then the taxable income that is used for the calculation of the tax on employment income for that calendar year will be applied. If two or more children from the same family attend the school, the fees for the second, third and consecutive children are 75% of the calculated school fee. The school fee is, according to law, voluntary. The financial resources received from parents are used to finance extra facilities leading from association policy, which are not paid for by the government. This includes smaller classes, bilingual education, HB education, International education, specialist teachers for ICT, music, Gym and Dutch/English, accommodation for the extra classes, use of external expertise and advice, a detailed support structure, smart boards, school trips etc. The GSV can only offer these extra facilities if the annual contribution is received from parents. The Board gives an annual account to its members of how this money is used.


The assessment of school fees is based on classification in the highest fee scale. It may be possible to receive classification for a lower fee scale if you can demonstrate prior to October 15th of each current school year that you are eligible for a reduced school fee. The taxable income is not the deciding factor if your income is not an accurate representation of your financial situation. Payment of the school fee occurs in three terms. The GSV works with a direct debit system. New parents are asked to give authorisation for direct debit to take place, in order to simplify the school’s financial administration. For the current school fee we would like to refer you to the school website and to the information which you receive at the start of the school year. Further information is available for every member of the association in the school office. Parents who are new to the school will receive an agreement and regulations regarding the school fee (see appendix at the back of the school guide).

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