Holidays 2019-2020

Holidays are established annually in consultation with the municipality of Groningen and the schools for primary education and secondary education. For 2019/ 2020 the pupils will have the following holidays:


Summer holiday 15 July- 26 August 2019
Groningens ontzet 28 August 2019
Autumn holiday 21 October-25 October 2019
Christmas holiday 23 December-3 January 2019/ 2020
Spring holiday 14 February-21 February 2020
Easter holiday 10 April -13 April 2020
King's Day 27 April 2020
May holiday 27 April -8 May 2020
Liberation Day 5 May 2020
Ascension Day 21 May-22 May 2020
Whitsun 1 June



Summer holiday 6 july -17 August 2020

Additional free day for all children:



Compensation days and Study Day F1-Year 3 2018/ 2019

The pupils of the F1-Y3 stay at school on Wednesday mornings until 12.30p.m. The extra hours will be compensated by 7 free days. These days are scheduled as follows:

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