Welcome to the SKSG/GSV Pre-school

We are a collaborative programme that was set up in September 2011, when both the International Department of the GSV and the childcare facility, SKSG, came together to develop a wonderful Pre-school Programme here in Groningen.

Our Pre-school is an early childhood programme which aims to provide a child- focused environment for children between 3-4 years of age, building a foundation for lifelong learning. We have created a safe, stimulating environment in which children are supported, and challenged to succeed. Our pre-school is an inclusive environment that promotes each child’s social-emotional, cognitive and physical development. We aim to ensure that the children feel loved, respected and encouraged to develop to their fullest potential.

Our objective is to provide a curriculum (EYFS Curriculum) which enables each child to develop new skills at their own level in order to prepare the children for success in a safe, happy, healthy environment. Our curriculum focuses on Literacy, Numeracy, Music, Physical Education, Social-Emotional aspects of learning and Themes. The curriculum is designed to engage, inspire and excite the children. It strives to provide a variety of activities that are fun, hands- on, creative and stimulating. We have the children at the heart of everything we do and we understand that each child needs to be nurtured personally, emotionally and academically.

We have a teacher and a care assistant in class at all times and both are capable, educated, professional and caring. The staff strive for open communication with parents at all times and this relationship is an important element of the programme. We have a friendly, close knit, family-orientated atmosphere that helps children settle in easily, develop friendships, learn, have fun and, most importantly, enjoy their days. The children are at the heart of everything we do and we are committed to nurturing respect for others and for our school. If you would like to have more information on the program, please email

If you would more information about registration, availability, fees and tax refunds applicable to the Preschool, please contact the SKSG main office at 050-3171390. You can also email Bianca at or Marjolein at for more information and help.


SKSG= Stichting Kinderopvang Stad Groningen

GSV= Groningse Schoolvereniging

EYFS= Early Years Foundation Stage of British National Curriculum

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