A music specialist gives the music lessons once a week in the International Primary school GSV for Y2 to Y6. The focus is on general musical development, including singing, use of rhythm instruments, and movement to music. The aim is to teach children motoric, rhythmic and melodic skills during their years at primary school. In addition, listening to music is an essential part of the lessons.

Reading and Writing Music: Reading results in sound, just as a sound can be recorded on paper. Whether this is recorded in notes or symbols, the accent lies on listening carefully to fragments of music.



  • Music and Movement: As well as moving and dancing in time, the creation of movements or steps in groups is a way of helping the children to listen and work together.
  • Talking about music: If you are going to talk about music, you need to learn to listen critically, express your ideas and listen to each other's opinion.
  • Listening to music: Besides the recognition of instruments, the children are encouraged to listen analytically and to focus on, for example, a base tone. In this way they learn to listen in a focused way.

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