From September 2019 the whole school has taken on the KiVa programme, led by a school-based KiVa team. The team is trained in this method and is responsible for ensuring the use of this programme in all classes of the school. KiVa focuses on a safe school environment because we like to see all of our students taking pleasure in going to school. KiVa is taken from Finnish, meaning “fun” or “nice”.


KiVa pays attention to the mental and physical well-being of children. With this approach we strive for our students to be aware of the responsibility they have for their own overall well-being and enforce positive interaction with others. Bullying At the moment we are developing a new protocol against bullying based on the KiVa values.


SEAL The ID uses SEAL (social-emotional aspects of learning) and Emotional Literacy schemes to help pupils develop and identify their social-emotional progress. Social-emotional skills such as empathy, self-respect, and care for others are not only essential for children’s personal growth but also for a healthy wider society. SEAL encompasses themes themes including ‘New Beginnings’, ‘Good to me’, and ‘Say no to bullying’. These themes are explored in the ID throughout the year. Cooperative learning The GSV uses the Cooperative learning method to teach pupils to work together, communicate positively, and strengthen class bonds. This ensures a positive learning atmosphere, where pupils can develop the social skills they need in the future.

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