From September 2019 the whole school has taken on the KiVa programme, led by a school-based KiVa team. The team is trained in this method and is responsible for ensuring the use of this programme in all classes of the school. The programme focuses on group forming, ensuring that every child goes to school happily. The GSV tries to create a safe social climate by preventing bullying and to address bullying accordingly. Within the KiVa programme, group forming is an essential part. KiVa is taken from Finnish, meaning “fun” or “nice”.


It is our aim to have each class hold KiVa lessons on a weekly basis. These lessons are aimed at group forming and ensuring a safe social climate. The lessons will stimulate children’s social skills in order to create a group norm against bullying. KiVa lessons are broken into ten themes; such as: feelings, uniqueness, and recognising bullying.


Our school has put up the KiVa rules in each class:

1. We like being happy as a group.

2. Angry, sad or happy: my emotions matter.

3. Everybody matters.

4. We are all di­fferent; We are all special.

5. We treat each other with kindness

6. We help each other

7. We stick up for each other



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