Computer Science


The GSV provides 2 or 3 computers in every classroom. In addition, there is a computer suite in which children receive ICT lessons. Foundation 1 to Year 6 make use of these facilities. The GSV believes that all children need to be well prepared for an increasingly technological society. Learning targets have been developed for each age group, and the ICT-coordinator is involved in teaching ICT to the children as well as supporting staff.  The children in the International Primary school GSV follow their own ICT scheme in the English language.



With the arrival of a ‘Prowise Touch Screens' in each classroom since 2016 the teachers have further developed their repertoire of teaching methods. Lessons can easily be reinforced with images and film fragments, which can be used interactively in order to increase the children’s involvement in the lessons. The possibilities are endless, and the school team is trained annually in order to maintain and develop the optimal use of these boards. Lessons can be saved and shared on the school network.


In order to increase staff ICT skills, the GSV takes part in multimedia projects and internal training meetings.

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