Children's Gardens

In 2006 an innovative project began in the Children’s Gardens in Helpman and Beijum: “A garden for the whole school”. This is a continuous learning scheme, which introduces the children of all classes in the GSV to a wide range of nature and environmental subjects. This goal of bringing children closer to nature is that of the Nature and Sustainability Education (NDE) department of the Groningen council. An understanding and respect for nature begins with contact with nature. That is essential in order to contribute to a sustainable community. NDE allows children to experience nature with all their senses in set lessons, schemes or projects including growing their own food and discovery expeditions in their school environment. NDE has 4 school gardens where pupils can have experience-based nature education. In the visitors’ centre pupils and visitors can learn all sorts of things about creatures in the city and area. In addition, the NDE develops a number of educational trips to nature reserves, recycling plants and children’s farms. The Centre (NDE) is situated at Beijumerweg 19 in Groningen.

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