Working Committee Housing GSV


To facilitate the process of finding new accommodation a working committee was assembled and a Business plan ‘New Building GSV’ was drafted. In a later stage a feasibility research was conducted with support from DAAD architects. The working committee ‘Housing GSV’ discussed all developments, plans, researches and reports and sought to come to a proposal for the municipality.

Members of this committee are:

  • Dhr. Wietse-Jan van der Werff (parent GSV)

  • Dhr. Alexander Lont (parent GSV)

  • Dhr. Maarten Noordhoff (external expert)

  • Dhr. Douglas Mensink (parent GSV and member of the board GSV)

  • Dhr. Atze Hoogma (on behalve of the SKSG)

  • Dhr. Ton Wiegman (principal GSV)


    The departments ROEZ and Education and three aldermen participated in the meetings about the new location. Occasionally a representative of the International Welcome Centre North joined the meetings to give their input regarding international primary education.

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