The departments and our International Character

From a new location for part of the school to a location for the whole school

Initially, the GSV focused on a limited extension of 14 classrooms at a different location in Helpman-Zuid. The international department  and Abel Tasman would be housed in this location. During intensive meetings with the municipality of Groningen, the city decided to change the destination of the intended location. They have changed the zoning plan. In 2016-2017 the board also revised their opinion and made their preference known to the municipality to keep the school together. The educational developments, cooperation of personnel and integration are too valuable and contribute to the quality of our education and the international educational environment for our students. To be able to work from one location is vitally important in order to achieve the vision and mission of our school. In the plans we have for acquiring the new location we will take this into account. The whole school must be located in a new location!




We would like to provide international education in the North of the Netherlands for parents and companies who are dependent on educational provision in English. This became another starting point in the realisation of a new location for the school. The cooperation with the International School Groningen (International Secondary School) and the International Welcome Centre North (IWCN) has been very important in this. Organisations and companies need such provision for their international employees.  The new location should have the look and feel of international education. For our bilingual and gifted departments the international character of the GSV plays an important factor with respect to preparing our students to work and to live within an international setting. 


Educational chances

A new location for the school will also provide room to organise the curriculum we are offering in an improved way. Cooperation, research and discovery will have their place in the new building. By the integration of subjects, ICT with intensifying programming, integration between departments, to be able to reserve rooms for music and other subjects, the curriculum will be better organised to support and develop the students' 21st Century skills. 

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