New Locations

Possibly new locations

After discussing all kinds of possible locations with the municipality we came to the conclusion that three locations are feasible in Groningen-Zuid:


  • A new building on the Boumaboulevard

  • Extend the current building

  • The rebuilding and renovating of location at van Schendelstraat.


    These locations were subsequently compared to one and other by the working committee ‘Housing GSV’ and DAAD architects. The outcome of the research has been presented at the GSV members meeting of 28 June 2017.


    Parking and traffic

    Parking and traffic are very important factors in the discussion with the municipality. All locations have bottlenecks in this area. It will be a challenge to find solutions for these bottlenecks for all involved parties.


    Panels and Members Meeting 28 June 2017

    To come to a good comparison of the different locations we made panels following the feasibility research for one location for the GSV. These panels are on the website. Accessibility, traffic and parking, play opportunities, feel and look of the building, and durability were compared.

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