Building Progress


In the past two years many discussions were held with the municipality of Groningen and the GSV about a new location for the GSV. The discussions were needed in order to come to a permanent solution for the growth of the school and the lack of space expected in the coming 5 years. The SKSG took part in these discussion as we would like to provide in after school care at the new location. 


Point of view Board GSV about growth GSV

In 2014 the Board took a decision after a meeting with the topic ‘Vision of growth at the GSV'. For years the GSV has had to work with waiting lists and the Board took the position that it is desirable and would be the right choice to meet the many demands of people who would like to send their child to a school like the GSV, as well as how the GSV gives content and shape to education. If we want to act in the spirit of the founders of the GSV in 1910 we need to make our vision of education accessible for more parents who would like to send their child to the GSV. 

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