In cooperation with the municipality

The Role of the municipality in finding a new location

It is the responsibility of the municipality when a primary school needs a new building, do some construction work or to renovate a building. A school board will meet with the municipality to discuss the budget that is needed to acquire the desired accommodation. We have had these meetings for over twenty years for different building projects and in general all of these meetings went well and were constructive. 


From own building to apartment rights

An exception to the above regulation was the building of the Componist on the Chopinlaan. This was a joint venture with Lefier and the GSV. We already had a building on this location and we needed more rooms to make our policy regarding smaller classes possible. Lefier build the ground floor for the GSV and placed apartments on top of the classrooms. The GSV now owns apartment rights for the Componist.


Working together for an accommodation for the whole school

The municipality has reacted positively to the point of view of the school board to keep all departments together and has indicated to constructively think along with the GSV. From the beginning of the school year 2016-2017 the search for a new location has changed and been extended to a location to house all children. Many locations have been looked into, but many locations had disadvantages in connection to accessibility, positioning in or outside the Groningen. Eventually three locations were left with feasible options that were researched beginning 2017.

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