Building Progress February 2018

Building Progress GSV

In the past months, behind the scenes, discussions took place with the aldermen of the department of Education and Property of the municipality of Groningen and the involved external parties. The focus point of these discussions was the possibility to achieve a new location for the GSV. In these discussions we focused on moving the GSV as a whole to the van Schendellaan. The bridging of the difference between available budget and the costs involved is not easy. All participants in these discussions have tried to make this housing project succeed. We are still in this process. At the moment we are in a crucial phase, and it still can go two ways.


The board has stated that  the Boumaboulevard is not an option anymore. Next to the option of the van Schendellaan we still have our current building. If it is the case that we can’t go through with the van Schendellaan our current building would be the best alternative.

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